The big plastic doll has fun with sex

Silicone dolls were designed from an image of a person. The manufacturers of these dolls choose a human model and copy it with sophisticated software to give the shape of this person. This is why men are very attracted to these silicone dolls.

There are different ranges of silicone dolls

The raw material used for the sexy dolls is purely selected silicone. The objective of the creators is to obtain a doll with a flexible form easy to palpate by the hands, they are soft and not rigid like the dolls of the children. It is therefore logical that its touch is pleasant and that it is part of the success of the sex toy market at the moment. The manufacturers of these sexy dolls buy real hair so that it looks like a person. Her eyes, the colour of her mouth have been well adapted to offer a nice face to the doll. The majority of this doll looks like the model of a magazine, very thin and super sexy. Nowadays, you can find all kinds, a black doll, a Chinese doll, and even this fat sex doll with only, the big breasts in evidence and the pussy really visible.

Everyone has their own taste

Those people who want to fill their sex life can make their choice. And they will not hesitate to play their fantasy and take the doll that will look like the girl of their dreams. Besides, most of the sexy dolls in stock look more like famous stars. With the evolution of design, these dolls can be the size of a real person with her 5'5" for example. They can wear the type of hair you like, frizzy to straight, and curly. You can even order the size of her breasts, and in what shape you would like to see her sex. They can have that luscious mouth you like, and the eyes where her gaze is focused solely on you, etc.

You can move her hands, because advanced dolls have joints like a human. They can even blink their eyes and open their mouth or even whisper., last write